Help and FAQs


  • Post a question/search for an answer at the Moodle support forums inside Moodle
  • Send an email to Moodle Support Team: or Make sure you include enough information in the email. e.g. your student ID, Moodle courses etc.


  • I forgot my login username and password
    • For users with HKBU email: Your login username and password is the same as your ITO unified computer account. If you forgot it, you can go to the followiwng link for "Forgot Passowrd Demonstration" and will guide you how to get a new password.
    • For users without HKBU email: Please send us an email:
    • Or call hotline for help at: 3411-7899
  • How can I change my password
    • For users with HKBU email: The change password function will synchronize to all systems (Email, Wifi, Moodle, Library, ICS and other departmental 'login required' website). If you want to change your BU eLearning password, you can change it with the following URL
    • For users without HKBU email: You can change your password by clicking on your profile settings in the upper left hand corner after logged in. Click the "Change Password" option to change the password.
    • Or call hotline for help at: 3411-7899
  • I just registered/added a new course, why/when can I see that Moodle course?
    • Please allow the system to have one day time to setup the Moodle course for you. The Moodle courses synchronization process is run each mig-night to make the updates.
  • Why am I getting all of those emails?
    • Moodle is higly integrated with an email system. You can choose not to receive any kind of email from Moodle site, if you disable your email in the Moodle profile settings (login to your course and click Edit profile link in the Administration panel).
  • I do not see HTML editor
    • Safari and Opera do not show html editor. Please use Firefox browser.
  • Is my course offered via Moodle?
    • Moodle administrator has created all academic courses in Moodle in each semester. It depends on your teacher to put materials for you. You need to contact your instructor if you want to find out whether your course has Moodle presence.
  • How long is the session timeout?
    • 2 hours. If you logged in to Moodle are idle for a long (2 hours) time (without loading pages) then they are automatically logged out (their session is ended).
  • I failed login many times, I got the error "Error too many logins".
    • This means either you or someone else tried to login with your details and failed. You may clear private data in your browser: cookies and authenticated sessions. It may also fix it if you just restart your web browser.