The use of web technology in support of teaching and learning on a university-wide scale began at HKBU in AY2002/03 with the UGC TDG competitive grant project "Capacity Building for Information Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning".

In the first year 2005, while we were still using, HKBU exploered the feasiblity of switching from WebCT to an alternative open-source CMS which could serve the BU community in a more sustainable and affordable manner. As a result, Moodle was identified. In the second semester of AY2005/06, Moodle version 1.6 was piloted in BU and users could "test-drive" courses on BU Moodle.

In AY2006/07, both WebCT and Moodle 1.6 were provided to faculty members in BU.

In AY2007/08, BU Moodle 1.8 had replaced WebCT to become the only CMS in support of teaching and learning. The overall transition from WebCT to Moodle 1.8 was considered very successful.

Now, we have further upgraded Moodle to 2.3 version.