Student privacy

Tip: In order to protect students' privacy, do not change default course settings in Moodle, make sure do not allow anonymous access to your site.

By default, all Moodle sites are set to be secure and password protected. If you are a Moodle course designer, you need to be aware of the implications of such a decision. Please review the information below carefully.

Instructors may require to protect student privacy except where they judge exposure of privacy essential to the course, and then they will expose student data only to the degree necessary. When they do elect to open the learning environment, instructors should provide some details as to what is visible and to whom, in order that students may make an informed decision. They should also provide some alternative accommodation in the very rare cases where students have a genuine need for protection.


  • Suppressing personal information in Moodle: If you have students who want to hide their name or email in Moodle, please advise them to modify their Profile settings and suppress the profile setting.
  • Gradebook: The Moodle grade book is a secure tool to post students grades, since a student may only see his/her own grades there.

Site requests for academic courses

BUMoodle and SCEMoodle course sites will be created to all academic courses. There is no need to send us a request for a course site. Usually, the course sites will be created at the beginning of a new semester according to the AR records. Teachers and students will also be enrolled into the courses automatically and the information will be updated on a daily basis.

Copying site content

Content can be copied over from one Moodle site to another, once a designer of the original site sends an approval to bumoodle@hkbu.edu.hk or scemoodle@hkbu.edu.hk

Site size

Currently we do not have a set limit for the size of the Moodle sites. However, server space is crucial, so please do not take it up, therefore services to other users are not compromised:

  • Remove outdated or duplicate files
  • Optimize your audio, video and PDF files to reduce their sizes
  • Delete all zipped files from your course sites, especially backups (Administration > Files > Backupdata folder)

If one of your sites exceeds 1024 MB and you haven't contacted us, we may require more time to copy or restore your site, and will contact you to discuss your file storage needs and options. In extreme circumstances, we also may have to remove excessively large files with little notice.

If you have videos, it is better to store them at the streaming server, therefore students would no need to download those.

Site archival and retention

Old academic sites are archived on a regular basis as part of our ongoing effort to improve server performance for current sites, and to accommodate future growth of Moodle.

Site backups/restore

If your site content is accidentally deleted, we can help you to restore it. However, we are limiting such service to the situations when there is absolutely no other option available (e.g. the whole site is deleted, or student data or forum submissions are gone).

Support and training

Technical support is provided via email: bumoodle@hkbu.edu.hk and scemoodle@hkbu.edu.hk, and support forums (please make sure to include full URL of your Moodle site). IT Help Desk during regular business hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 pm .

Instructors and students may also review user guides posted at this support site.

Hands-on Moodle training is provided for free by ITO Moodle support team several times during a semester.

Course designers can also schedule one-on-one consultation session with our Moodle support team member.